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Maximise further Your savings on your payments

Now for something completely different....

Reb8 simply take the greed out of banks and financial institutions. We offer a free platform best suited to you or your business. Saving money on simple cross-border payments is the easy part, what if we took it one step further? Not only saved you monies but also rebated you on a percentage of the profits we make to go towards sponsorship of your choice.

Where there are payments there are opportunities

Receive a free quotation to compare savings and possibilities to receive a contribution towards sponsorship

Gain access and full set-up to our online platform to start to utilise the benefits available to you. Nothing ventured nothing gained!

There is no set-up fee, or any other type of fee therefore you are under no obligation to use the platform. 

  1. Confirm your trade – Log in to the online and book your spot trade
  2. Assign beneficiaries – Add any new beneficiaries or use those already on file
  3. Funds transfer – Transfer your funds to the relevant segregated client account
  4. Funds release – We will then release the funds to your beneficiary’s bank account in the required currency
  5. Confirmation – ​Download your payment confirmation from Reb8 online

Gain sponsorship as you are already paying for it!

Our team come with vast experience with over 25 years experience with F1 teams and across all Motorsport plus we have 20 years experience dealing with Foreign Exchange at both consumer and business levels globally. Combining the experiences we identified that costs for currency exchange can be costly as is running any racing team or sponsorship at any level. This is where an opportunity to utilise past fees for global currency exchange can be put towards your sports team or sponsorship or maybe even helping develop a future driver, athlete or rider as an example.


Find out how Reb8 can help you grow your business and help pay for sponsorship without eating in to your marketing budget