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Margins really do matter Will increase your bottomline Skies the limit on savings
Welcome to Reb8

Simply saving money

Reb8 uses the very best in technology platforms to send/receive payments anywhere in the world through a single platform. The thinking around Reb8 was unique and yet simple, it was to remove the greed from the cost of sending and receiving overseas payments by ensuring that at all times, margins were more competitive & fixed.
The entire concept was about full transparency. A platform offered to all clients with no set-up costs, no monthly fees just simply an improved margin across all currencies ensuring your beneficiaries received more fund on time and in full.

Our Mission

To ensure a consistent and significant saving for all business and personal clients allowing process efficiencies, support and a no cost platform accessible anywhere at anytime

Our Story

At Reb8, we have over 30 years experience working in currency exchange for all size corporate businesses. We have seen first hand, the greed and lack of transparency and therefore a change was needed.

Receive access to our online platform at no cost ever!

Your Business

Providing no fee platform options to suit your business needs for all incoming and outgoing payments including bulk payments

You Personally

Sending money to loved ones, paying school fees or making purchases and selling overseas, we WILL save you money at no cost

Reward & Recognition

Increasing your bottomline, receiving a share of profits for sponsorship or simply allowing you and your beneficiaries to receive more

What is important to you?

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