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1 Single Platform with 130 Currencies

Total Control

With technology support from our partners, REB8 gives you quick, easy and simple account management so you can spend more time focusing on your business. The trading platform will suit the needs of growing your businesses from viewing your accounts and transactions to conducting full end-to-end payments.

Keeping all your incoming and outgoing payments anywhere in the world simple is key. What we understand to be ultimately important is, reduced costs at all times, process efficiency, full transparency with full regulated support at anytime, anywhere.

Free Access
Free Access
Free Access


1. Intuitive

Simple and easy to use, you can carry out a spot transaction online or drawdown from your window forward contracts and instruct the payment to your recipient, start to finish, in two minutes, reducing costs in all areas from margin to fees
1. Intuitive

2. Secure

With technology support from our partner, REB8 provides extra security for your business. The platform gives you the ability to divide roles among your users and provides extra layers of authorisation for payments as well as secure logins.
2. Secure

3. Control

You control how you use the platform with the flexibility to adjust the levels of management given to your account users and decide how much you want to do online or with your currency specialist
3. Control

4. Regulated

Security of your payments is crucial, so we registered with FCA as PSD agent and work with regulated Authorised E-Money Institution and your funds are protected in segregated client accounts.
4. Regulated

Just 10 Benefits as to why!

  • 01

    Reduced Costs

    Reduced and fixed margins across all your currencies with reduced or eliminated transaction fees guarenteeing a saving on all your payments
  • 02

    Accurate Reports

    Our reporting suite has never been this easy. Simply log into your platform and define the fields you wish to report on and share
  • 03


    Having full transparency on all your payments is critical and key, not only to know instantly that payments have been received and made but also to ensure your margins continue to be fixed at a preferred rate
  • 04

    Transact in over 130 countries

    You can send domestic and international payments in over 130 currencies, including many emerging market currencies, such as Brazilian Real and Indian Rupee all at competitive rates
  • 05

    No Cost No Fee Platform

    With technology support from our partners, our easy-to-use online portal is free and comes as standard so you can manage your account 24/7. You can trade in over 130 currencies online and instruct payments to your beneficiaries
  • 06

    Full Audit Trail

    REB8 provide transaction receipts online and by email so you have a fully auditable payment trail. You can review your account history online as well as keep up-to-date with any outstanding balances
  • 07


    REB8 take the security of your payments and business seriously, so we had registered with FCA as PSD agent and work with a regulated Authorised E-Money Institution and your funds are protected in segregated client accounts
  • 08

    Multi Payments

    Bulk pay multiple recipients across multiple currencies through a simple file upload on the Online platform or through your dealer, reducing time spent on administration and helping to reduce manual input errors
  • 09

    Faster Payments

    Via the strong network of our partner, your payments are sent through the most efficient and secure routes via our international money transfer service. Enabled by the SWIFT membership and global banking partners, your international suppliers can trust that they’ll get paid on time with many currencies arriving on the same day.
  • 10

    Rebate (Reb8)

    You can have an option to not only gain on the above benefits but receive a rebate on monies made to go towards sponsorship of your choice. Please see "Sponsorship" page


Find out how Reb8 can help you reduce costs and offer improved process efficiencies and transparency. Just contact us to get a free comparison or further information